The Top Fishing Gear Is Only Found On Straight Shot CO

Fishing Gear TestingThere are many people out there that have tried to get their products on our website but for the majority of the products we review on this website we go outside of the norms and find products that have some of the best reviews and put them to the test. We will find the products that get raving reviews and we will put these products to the test to see if they really stand up to the test and live up to all the hype. This is what makes us different from other fishing gear and equipment reviews based websites, they will take any product and test them in an aimless manor. We test every product in the exact same way as the other products in it category.

We Look At Everything

We try our best to leave no stone un-turned. We go so far as to even test each test multiple times with multiple products. We do this to ensure that the product is effected in so way and to try our best at making sure we don’t get any one off results. The worse thing is to have the results skewed due to one test. Generally speaking it can take us up to a month to review one product. We put each piece of fishing gear and equipment through several test that all need to be tested individually to make sure we get the needed information and each one of these tests needs to be completed with each individual product. Confused yet?

Product 1 = 3 individual products x 10 tests = 30 individual tests for the testing to be complete

You can see how this can take some time. Once we’ve completed the testing we need to crunch the numbers which is no easy task. This is the reasoning behind the long duration of time between testing and the long periods of time without any new content on our website. If you would like to see us test these products out you can check out our YouTube page where we document the process and let you come along and see how we do the testing and why we test the way we do.

You will be able to see exactly why and how we do our testing. It does at times get rather ‘nerdy’ and in depth but this is the only way we know how to test out product to make sure that we have given them a fair test and to truly tell whether or not that deserve all of the hype they are getting. Of course we really put this gear through the ringer and in no normal situation would this gear ever be put in these types of situations but if they have the ability to withstand our test, you can rest assured that they will last through anything you can put them through.

We should also note that every products is tested completely differently than other product unless they are in the same class group. Meaning, we test all reels the same regardless of whether or not their salt water reels, fly reels or ultra light reels. If they are in the reel category then they go through the same tests as all the other reels. But we do not test the reels the same as we would test nets or rods. But each of those is tested the same as the others in the class group. We will be have charts and diagrams coming soon to help illustrate exactly what we are talking about and the testing we do.

Let’s Get To Crunching

Generating Test DataOnce all of the testing is complete it is time to crunch the data and reveal our findings. While this information can be hard to understand at first, once you have seen our tests and understand out grading scale the information is very easy to understand and interpret. We use our own proprietary grading scale to fully grade these products and and show which ones we believe to be the best overall out of the highest rated products in the field.

You would be surprised how often the products the receive the most hype are often times the ones the come up short in our testing. We know that correlation isn’t causation but sometimes we wonder why some product get so much more hype than they truly deserve. You might be amazed at the some of the information we are about to be dropping on you.

Get Ready For This

Sit tight and wait for what we are about to unleash. We have been building up our content for some time now and we think that you are all going to really enjoy what we are about to unleash.

Straight Shot back to the top

Were on a journey back to the top. We can’t wait from all of you to join us on this journey. We know we’ve been out of the game for some time now but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our touch. If anything we’ve been refining our work to make sure it is the best it has ever been. We know the last time we all talked we left on a good note, but this time were going to be leaving on en even better one.

We have some more work to do before we feel as if we will be ready to release everything we have been building but we know once we do it will blow all of you back in your seats. Just a bit longer and you will be able to be amazed once more like you were when we were running on all cylinders back in the day!